Temporary Water Supply for Construction Sites

Water Tank Rentals

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Meeting Construction Site Needs

Construction sites have diverse needs—be it for concrete mixing or equipment cleaning. Our water tank rentals are perfectly suited for these requirements. These tanks can be filled and transported to your site, ensuring that your project never faces a water shortage. For fast and easy transport of water to your job site call True Blue today!

Benefits of Water Tank Rentals for Construction

Renting water tanks offers a range of benefits. It’s a cost-effective way to ensure a temporary water supply without the upfront cost of purchasing. Additionally, rentals offer the flexibility to choose the right tank based on your project’s evolving needs.

Choosing the Right Water Tank: Sizes and Features

True Blue provides a wide range of water tanks, from small, portable units to large storage tanks. These come with features to regulate water pressure and offer different hose connections. Whether you’re storing water temporarily or need a consistent water supply for concrete mixing, we have a tank that fits the bill.

Supplying Liquid Calcium Chloride for Construction Sites

Dust can be a significant issue on construction sites. True Blue can supply liquid calcium chloride to be utilized for effective dust control, keeping your site safe and compliant with environmental guidelines.

Environmental Responsibility in Construction Water Supply

Our commitment to the environment is unwavering. All our tanks are designed to store clean water safely, and our services include the management of non-hazardous waste, aligning with environmental best practices.

Commercial Customer Focus in Construction Water Supply

Over the years, True Blue has amassed significant experience in serving commercial customers. Our service is tailored to meet the unique water supply needs of each construction site, ensuring customer satisfaction and project success.

How to Secure Your Temporary Water Supply for Construction Sites

Securing a reliable water supply for your construction site is easy. Just connect with True Blue to discuss your needs. From there, our crew will handle the delivery and setup, allowing you to focus on what you do best—build.


By choosing True Blue, you act in the best interest of both your project and the environment. Contact us today to rent a water tank or to learn more about our services.