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ice rink filling services

Your One-Stop Solution for Ice Rink Water Delivery

Unleashing Winter Wonder with True Blue Water Solutions: Elevating Backyard Skating with our Expert Rink-Filling Service


Transforming your backyard into a captivating winter wonderland of skating delight has never been easier with True Blue Water Solutions. With their expert rink-filling services, the process of creating a pristine backyard rink is streamlined and efficient.


Gone are the days of laboriously flooding your rink or worrying about achieving the proper ice depth – True Blue Water Solutions’ dedicated team takes care of it all. Our professional staff knows the average water depth needed and exactly how much water is necessary for the perfect neighborhood backyard rink.


Simply schedule rink water supply services with True Blue. A water truck from our company will deliver, and fill your rink while you watch your backyard skating dreams come to life. Our seamless coordination ensures that the water is distributed evenly, resulting in a smooth, even surface that’s ready for endless hours of enjoyment.


Experience the joy of a neighborhood backyard rink with True Blue Water Solutions, where convenience meets excellence in every frozen moment.


Your One-Stop Solution for Ice Rink Water Delivery


Why spend your winter indoors when you can create a fun-filled ice rink in your backyard? With True Blue Water Solutions, Inc., your skating dreams become a reality without any hassle. We know the importance of family time with the kids and outdoor fun with your own rink, especially during the cold months in Southwestern Ontario.


Our efficient bulk water delivery service comes with over 250ft of hose, ensuring access to even the hardest-to-reach areas. We save you both time and extra city water usage fees! With True Blue, get your rink filled and topped up with a full truckload of water in just minutes. Contact us for a free estimate & availability. You will find our prices very competitive.

Revolutionizing Outdoor Skating Experiences

True Blue Water Solutions emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of outdoor rink water supply services, seamlessly merging the technical finesse of water delivery with the magic of skating. True Blue’s professional team orchestrates a symphony of expertise, transforming an ordinary patch of land into a smooth, pristine outdoor rink that promises hours of exhilarating fun.


True Blue’s water trucks, purposefully designed for precision, play a pivotal role in this entire process, ensuring that the average depth of the ice meets the highest standards for both safety and enjoyment.

Crafting the Perfect Rink, One Backyard at a Time


Behind every breathtaking backyard skating haven stands True Blue Water Solutions’ dedication to perfection. The company’s rink-filling service is a well-choreographed dance that transforms water into a canvas for frozen dreams.


From the initial water delivery to the final skate across the smooth ice, every step of the process is meticulously executed to guarantee an impeccable skating surface. Once you have decided on the perfect rink to fit your space, True Blue will order all of the materials and set a date to install your rink. You can leave the rest to our professional staff.

The Science of Skating Splendor


Creating a picturesque outdoor rink is not just about pouring water onto a patch of ground. True Blue Water Solutions understands the nuances of achieving optimal ice quality. How much water is applied, the timing, and the method are all crucial factors in crafting a rink that’s not only stunning but also enduring.


On installation day, we set up all boards, brackets, and any additional products you have selected. If it’s cold enough to flood, we will do that the same day. If it’s too warm, we will have to do that at the optimal time. By combining technical expertise with a deep passion for skating, True Blue Water Solutions ensures that each backyard becomes a portal to a world of icy enchantment.

True Blue Water Solutions: Bringing Dreams to Life, One Backyard at a Time


As winter’s embrace draws communities outdoors, True Blue Water Solutions stands as the bridge between imagination and reality. With its rink-filling services, we enable families and friends to create memories that will be cherished for years to come.


Through their dedication to the art of rink filling, True Blue Water Solutions invites you to embrace the beauty of the winter months, one perfect backyard skating rink at a time.

Why Choose True Blue for Your Ice Rinks

1. Comprehensive Skating Rink Filling Services:


From small backyard rinks to larger community surfaces, we have the equipment and expertise to fill your rink efficiently. We can build the perfect backyard ice rink that can be used as a skating rink or a hockey rink. Our trucks are equipped to handle as many gallons of bulk water as needed for your specific ice rink.

2. Level and Sturdy Rink Construction Guidance:


Our experienced team can guide you in determining the perfect amount of water, taking into account the ground level and sturdiness of your rink. Our careful delivery ensures even distribution and minimizes pressure on the outer walls.

3. Reliable Rural and Urban Delivery:


Whether you’re in the heart of the city, a rural setting with well water, or a town, we’re your best choice. Our trucks come equipped with 250′ of hose, with additional hose and specialized vehicles available as needed.

4. Cost-Efficient and Timely Service:


Our pricing is transparent and affordable. Please call us at (905) 295-8947 or utilize our online request form for more details. We do ask for 24-48 hours’ notice for all bookings and ensure an efficient one-hour on-site service.

5. A Trusted Name in Bulk Water Delivery:


With over 20 years of dedication in Southwestern Ontario, True Blue Water Solutions, Inc. is your go-to for quality, reliability, and excellent customer service. With our bulk water services and expertise, you can have the perfect rink for supreme sports, a hockey rink, or just neighbourhood backyard skating for kids and families.

Ready to Glide into Winter Fun With your Backyard Rink?

Whether it’s for neighbourhood backyard skating or a hockey match, we’re here to make your ice rink dreams come true. Contact us today at True Blue Water Solutions, Inc.


At True Blue, your satisfaction is our priority. Experience your own ice rink, and let us take care of your rink water supply services. Skating season is just a phone call away!


Call True Blue today for your rink water supply services and get a free estimate. Our prices are competitive, and we can provide the service you need, no matter the size of the job. True Blue has you covered!